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Emotional and Karmic Cord Cutting

Would you like to free yourself from feeling tired, drained, weighed down by people or events from the past?
Cord Cutting frees you from connections and situations from the past. It also enhances the relationships you keep. It is a very freeing and empowering experience, and an important healing modality.
Your energy may be drained by old relationships, you may be unable to disconnect from someone no matter what you do, you may be grieving a loss, you may have trouble leaving an event or situation behind. This is very common.
When we form connections with other people, through romantic relationships, friendships, family, work or all types of other connections, many actual energetic cords are formed which connect you to all these people. Your energy runs to these people through these cords. These connections can stay with you for many years after you think these people are no longer in your life. These energy cords can also keep you connected to situations from the past, and from past lives - situations that you may wish to release. This can significantly drain your energy and emotional resources.
You may have hundreds of these cords, depending on the work you do and relationships you have had. Imagine all the energy you may be feeding to people at this time, allowing your energy resources to drain.
Cord Cutting also strengthens the positive connections in your life by releasing people's energy back to them. This creates positive space for more intimacy and open communication. Often someone may subconsciously feel stuck because of emotional or karmic cords. Their heart opens when you release those cords with them. There is an experience of more safety and trust. And so you may find that this healing has an effect on family and friends. Since we are all connected and not separate, when you change so do all around you change.
Cord Cutting enables you to start over energetically with those you wish to keep in your life, which greatly enhances those connections. This is ideal for family, romantic and business relationships.
For energy workers, Cord Cutting enables you to disconnect from clients when not in session. As all energy workers know, maintaining your energy is so important and can be so challenging.
Cord Cutting sessions can be performed from a distance if an in-person session is not possible. You will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person session. Enjoy the freedom and empowerment of an Emotional and Karmic Cord Cutting today! I wish you well on your path of Graceful Awakening.


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