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Personal Intensives

I am very grateful to be able to offer an opportunity for you to work with me one-on-one for a full day intensive. Personal intensives are a full day of channeling, healing, structured sessions, clearing, and coaching designed to support you in major
breakthroughs in all aspects of your life and awakening. Our day will start at 10am and go until you are complete, or 10pm. We will start with making a list of everything you want to work on, and setting priorities about which things to focus on first. This day is completely channeled, so the Masters and Angels will be giving you information, healing, and clearing on whatever you decide to focus on. Included in this day might be Rising Star and Prema Birthing sessions, BEST sessions for clearing emotions, meals, walks in nature, etc. As we discuss the different aspects of your life the Masters will give you insight into your past life karmic energy around them, and then Grace to clear that karma. We will go layer by layer, clearing things at a very deep level. This personal intensive can be considered a spiritual initiation ~ Everything in your life will be different after this work.


I was ready to address some things in my life that were no longer serving me, to stand further in my power than ever before. It was not as if these were new concepts, but I was doing it in several areas at the same time and I felt overwhelmed. Since my intensive I have made huge progress on my handful of dreams and I know I will achieve them all. The clarity and peace I left with that day is as strong today almost two months later. I was given practical steps and guidance to achieve each piece. Surprisingly the work spoke to other areas of my life that I had spent years working on and gave me a deeper healing and completion. I have more faith in my abilities. The intensive strengthened my spiritual and prosperity practices. This is why I love working with Stephanie ~ I walk away with solid advice and come further into my own power every time.
~ W. B., Interior Designer, Ashland, OR
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