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Advanced Channeling Workshop

This workshop is the second in a series. It is only for those people who have completed the Learn to Channel workshop.  This day will support you in taking a next step in the clarity of your channeling. During this workshop we will review the steps of channeling, and then receive advanced training and personal mentoring to facilitate your inner clarity and ability to channel Angels and Ascended Masters for others. This workshop will take you to your next level of channeling expertise~ Come enjoy a loving day of high energy, healing and fun!
During this workshop you will:
  • Receive a review of previous information about how to channel.
  • Receive advanced teachings about the finer points of creating a strong connection with your higher self, protection work, validation signals, inner discernment, and clear Guidance.
  • Gain insight into your strengths and areas of weakness around channeling, why you are having certain experiences, and what you can do to transform your experience.
  • Receive energetic empowerments to clear the way for your next level of inner clarity.
  • Receive personal mentoring to support you in having breakthroughs in your experience of channeling.
Exchange: $150
If you have an interest in taking this workshop contact Stephanie.
When enough people are interested we will set a date that will work for everyone.
Date: TBD
10am - 5pm
Ashland, Oregon
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