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Prema Birthing Healing System

Out with the old, in with the NOW

Prema Birthing Healing is a rebirth into pure love. Whatever you feel about your birth, whatever traumas you lived through, whatever you carried into this life with you, take this opportunity to bless it, thank it, love it and let it go. It's time to reclaim your true birthright - a divine human birth. This beautiful healing modality was channeled by Derek O'Neill in June 2005, during a week-long workshop intensive in Dublin, Ireland.
This technique cancels subconscious programs that were created in the period between when you signed your birth contract and your actual physical birth process. These programs may still be running your life in limiting ways. During a Prema Birthing session, the Divine Mother and Divine Father come together as
golden orbs to become your Divine parents, and the old cord to your physical mother is cut by Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth. Prema Birthing is a very freeing, loving and joyful experience. It helps you release the old and reconnect with Divinity.
Prema Birthing is a gentle and loving way to be reborn into Love. The Prema Birthing process can eliminate all kinds of dis-ease from your mind, body, and spirit. The environment in which a Prema Birthing takes place is an energetic "artificial womb". During this "rebirthing" you can bring the consciousness of what you want to let go of into the process, then let go of it, and emerge with a new program running in your subconscious mind that says you are whole and well. This transforms the cells in the body, and disease has to leave. The results of this technique are quite amazing...
Truly our greatest healer and teacher lies within. The Prema Birthing process is like bringing you back to the Programmer to have old programs, no longer useful in your life, deleted and new positive programs put in their place, with your consent, so that you are ready to face the world as a whole being. You become ready to find the Truth that will set you free from limitation and put yourself on the path to abundance. This process takes team work, so both you and the Prema Birthing practitioner hold the magic wand of change.


"I have recently started working with Stephanie Lash and have had an energy session with her called Prema Birthing. Afterwards I began noticing an incredible smoothing out of my reactions to what had formerly caused me great stress and emotional turbulence my whole life. I am waiting for the 3-month integration period to pass so I can have another session."
- S. R. S., Ashland, OR
"I had been trying so hard to lose weight for many, many years, and no matter what diet, or what cleanse I did, my body didn't shift. Now that I have healed my birth trauma through a series of Prema Birthing sessions, suddenly my body is letting go of the weight... At the time of this writing, I have now let go of 35 pounds and lost three sizes. I have about 20 more pounds to release, and I'm completely confident that it will happen naturally and effortlessly."
- S. L., Ashland, OR

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