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Rising Star Healing

Would you like to feel better than you've ever felt before? Feel more happiness and joy, discover your true direction in life, bring forward your innate potential? The Rising Star Healing System can help you do all this, and more.
The Rising Star can assist in healing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, release trauma or illness, and quite simply transform your life! Unresolved issues, old or blocked energy and physical symptoms all fall away, leaving you feeling empowered, lighter, more joyful and energized. The Rising Star even activates DNA, bringing forward your true potential and helping you to become the person you were born to be. Each Rising Star session brings healing to you for up to 21 days. It is considered the most powerful healing system available today.
During a healing session, all levels of your being are addressed: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and etheric (a layer of energy that exists beyond physical matter, not visible to the eye), thus making the Rising Star extraordinarily comprehensive and effective.
The Rising Star is a unique, living energy that evolves as humanity evolves. It incorporates the energy of your personal lineage (both in this lifetime, as in your ancestral line, and on your soul level) into each session, thus healing family issues, ancestral conditioning, and past life trauma. As a result you may find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends. Since we are all connected and not separate, when you change so do all around you change.
Because the Rising Star works on so many different levels at once, a person receiving it, say for a bad back, may find that another illness or issue also receives healing. For example, lower back pain may be connected with unresolved father issues, or feelings of being unsupported, and at the physical level of blood sugar issues. During a Rising Star session, all these levels receive healing -- back pain, father issues and feeling unsupported, and blood sugar imbalances. 
The Rising Star brings healing to all seven body systems. The seven body systems are like seven layers of energy around you. The physical body is the first and most dense body system, and the only body system visible to the eye. The physical body is surrounded by six other body systems, including the emotional body system, causal body, and so on. As healing is brought to all body systems at once, very deep healing can occur. The Rising Star is a Source to Source healing, completely pure. The healing energy comes from Source above and goes to Source within you. This Higher Consciousness that is actually performing the session, through the practitioner as a channel or conduit, knows exactly what you need on all levels - even more than you might know of yourself. Every session is completely unique, because with each session Source brings exactly what you need at that time.
The Rising Star does not require you to have faith, follow a specific religion, or even believe in it, in order for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to heal and transform.
Rising Star healing sessions can be performed from a distance if an in-person session is not possible. You will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person healing session.
To become a Rising Star Practitioner, please click here for training and initiation information.


"The first Rising Star session I had was for me a very powerful experience. I was aware that during my session and for weeks after I was shifting my awareness and old beliefs were falling from my sense of what is my truth. I found that my perceptions and relationship with my desire for prosperity, happiness and wellbeing were augmented with new-to-me possibilities and considerations. I felt a freedom from the weight of some relationship entanglements most immediately and that relationship has taken on a new and delightful freedom as a result.
During the time between my first and second Rising Star session I experienced an awareness of family beliefs that I was not totally cognizant of before, and was interested in what might transpire with those beliefs as I entered into the second session. The second session was a distance session with Stephanie, non-the-less powerful though. I actually felt trance-like during the session, going deep into a meditative state (I did not have quite that effect during the first session; it was pleasant and peaceful but not trance-like). I experienced a significant sensation of heaviness and heat in my head, my chest and actually my entire body. I was lying on my bed and it and felt like I was a 1,000 pound weight. This was not uncomfortable, actually enjoyable and quite visceral.
I am writing this note just after my second session so I do not know what the longer effects might feel like or what shifts in conscious awareness might be ahead. Thank you Stephanie."
~ L. L., Media Services, OR
"My Rising Star treatment with Stephanie was absolutely profound and deeply transformational. I felt like I was being physically manipulated even though I was barely touched by human hands. It healed me on many levels and brought me to great state of peacefulness. I came out of the session feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed, and nurtured. I was so touched by the session that I decided to learn how to do it, and I am so grateful that I am now a practitioner of such wonderful work."
~ B. L., Musician, OR
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