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"Stephanie's work has given me the confidence I need to express myself. In my experience it is rare to find someone who is so encouraging, dedicated to the empowerment of others, humble, and not attached to outcomes. She is open and honest about the deep personal inner work she does herself, which is encouraging to all of us who work with her."

~ B. S., DVM, OR

“I have done channeling work with Stephanie and my improvements have amazed me. My thinking, writing, understanding and mental clarity have improved threefold! I’m having the time of my life! Thank you.”

~ N. L., Student, IN

"Stephanie, I am feeling wonderful shifts! Now when someone asks me for guidance I check in quietly with myself to see what comes - I experience a translation between Source and myself that is grounded in common sense and empowers them to make their own choices. You are amazing. Thank you."

~ I. A., Artist, OR

"Dear Stephanie, on Thursday I was feeling so uplifted that I felt compelled to phone my friend in Maui. When she answered I could hardly understand her and found she was having a very bad asthma attack. After talking a bit I heard myself explaining the relationship between bodily illnesses and deeper spiritual work. She immediately understood and made the connection between her symptoms and a recent conversation with her father. By the end of the conversation she sounded much better, both physically and mentally. Thank you for the teaching and helping me to use it so quickly."

~ B. S., Massage Therapist, OR

"I've been attending the weekly Monday Night Meditation group with Stephanie for about a year and a half. Over that time, I have experienced a gradual but significant increase in my level of inner peace, heartfulness and ability to deal with life's challenges. It has been a great support for me in doing my own inner work, and in dealing with stressful situations. Stephanie holds a safe and sacred space. I find that it's much easier to access and let go of things there. The work is excellent, and the information that comes through the channelings has consistently been practical, appropriate and supportive."

~ D. R., Chiropractic Physician, OR

"It's a joy to know Stephanie! Over the past year I've had the privilege of attending her weekly "Monday Night Meditation" classes. I've also taken a number of her workshops. I experience a tangible energy moving throughout her workshops that is loving and powerful. There is no doubt that Source, Ascended Masters & Archangels are guiding these sessions. Her humility, her refreshing sense of humor, plus a willingness to freely share stories of her own unfolding process nurtures a climate of equality, laughter & joy that I've rarely experienced in other spiritual trainings. These classes have assisted me immensely to open ever more to the truth of Who I Am in my everyday life. I highly recommend her classes & workshops!"

~ C. N., Journey Practitioner, OR

"During one of the weekly Monday Night Meditation evenings with Stephanie I felt Derek in the room (although he wasn't physically present). I do not know if I was imagining this, but I sensed Derek walking around everyone in the class, putting his hands in front of people at a distance, moving like we do in Aikido - supple - in circular, rounded movements ~ and yet at times some firm, very precise movements of his hands. His eyes were checking us. I felt that in one second, he could focus a million different energies. At one point I sensed him by the door, out of the way, humble, present and powerful. He was so aware of us ~ so there for us, scanning us and healing... Absolutely amazing!"

~ I. A., Actress, OR

"Tonight I attended Stephanie’s weekly class, as I have regularly for almost a year. The class was deeply nourishing, as always. The energy that comes through is restful, healing, profound, supportive, insightful, and extremely loving.


At the end of the class, Stephanie opens the field for channeling. I love the fact that she does not claim to be a guru, an enlightened being, or even a spiritual teacher. Her message is that we can all do this, and she provides a truly detached space for us to connect more deeply with our spiritual guidance and bring forth insights and wisdom.


Tonight I had a question that came straight from my heart. It is an issue that has kept me from being more productive and successful for many years now. I have reached a point where I am ready to move forward, have lots of ideas and inspiration coming to me, and yet I find myself starting and stopping and starting and stopping, till I become completely frustrated and discouraged. I am tired of living this way and I asked for help. I have worked on my own issues extensively and I know this pattern well, and I know a great deal about the dynamics of it, and yet I have not been able to move through it.


Stephanie works with the Ascended Masters and Angels. The words she speaks come directly from them through her. She takes no credit and is not attached to any part of the channeling, which allows me to feel safe and to own my own power. This is what I appreciate so much about her work.


What came through was that I have a lot of fear about being successful and it is related to past lives, where I was wounded and even killed at a young age when I did become successful. So now, in this life, there is a deep seated fear of putting my work out into the world. As she spoke, I could feel the truth of her words. I have received pieces of similar information before in various ways, but somehow the energy that came through along with the words from Stephanie touched me quite profoundly. I could feel something shifting.


She also said that I have waited until I was older in this lifetime to come into my success so that now I have passed the age at which I was traumatized in previous lives, so the danger is not so prevalent. What I need to do now, in order to put my work out, is to know that I am protected. I need a safety net, meaning that I need to know without a doubt that I am protected on the inner planes. I need to know that my teachers, guides, and angels will keep me from harm’s way. In other words, as I understand it, I need to foster my relationship with the beings I know and love so well and ask for their protection—and know I will receive it no matter what. She said that there was a beautiful angel standing right behind my shoulder at that moment, speaking with her.


This message gave me a great deal of relief. I haven’t known what has been stopping me in my desire to express my gifts in the world and be of service to others. I knew there was fear, but I couldn’t explain it or work with it to release it. Now I feel I have the understanding and tools to move forward, and I know that I can let go of this old pattern of resistance and fear. The incredible visions and ideas that have been coming to me can be manifested. And now rather than hiding I can move into the light.


Something else came through that gave me a lot of comfort. The masters, through Stephanie, said that even if I don’t “accomplish” anything else tangible in this lifetime, I have been doing what I set out to do. The healing of the fear IS my work and the inner work I have been doing for years is exactly what I came here for. Anything else I do now is icing on the cake. So my belief that I haven’t done enough, that I haven’t accomplished enough, is not true. What a relief!


I too am a channel, and Stephanie has done nothing but encourage me to do this work, and she has helped me get clearer and clearer. She has helped give me the confidence I need to express myself. In my experience it is rare to find someone who is so encouraging, dedicated to the empowerment of others, humble, and not attached to outcomes. She is open and honest about the deep personal inner work she does herself, which is encouraging to all of us who work with her."

~ B. S., Author & Animal Communicator, OR

"From my work with Stephanie I feel physically and emotionally assisted into a higher level of well-being, and more confident about the decisions I am currently making concerning my life’s path. Stephanie is insightful, intuitive, and a first-class workshop facilitator, healer, and channel."

~ O. O., Massage Therapist, CA

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