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Channeling and Life Coaching

It is my great joy to offer my life-long gift of being a conscious channel. These personalized coaching and mentoring sessions are meant to give you assistance in your emotional and spiritual growth, health, career path and experience of prosperity. For over 30 years these one-on-one sessions have supported people in profound inner awakenings, emotional healing, clearing of unresolved issues, and the experience of manifesting more of their highest Divine potential.
My channeling sessions are all driven by your questions, and they
are a combination of inner guidance and very grounded professional life coaching. So we may get very esoteric and we may also deal with the nuts and bolts of how to get from "point A" to "point B". 
At the esoteric level you may receive information that is beyond what is accessible to the conscious mind, which gives you a broader perspective with respect to your current life challenges. Channeled information may include past life experiences you may have had that are influencing current life situations, karmic patterns that you may be repeating, understanding the various possible outcomes of different directions you may choose in your life, and understanding the underlying reasons for certain health conditions. In addition, during a channeling session your Guides can energetically remove blocks and obstacles in various areas of life including health, relationship, career and finances, and spiritual development.
At the nuts and bolts level you may receive very specific, detailed information about possible ways to handle a challenge, heal your body, clear an emotional pattern, etc, as well as tools and meditations to do as "homework" to support you in realizing your goals.
Channeling sessions may also include information about spiritual practices, meditation instruction, and support in developing your own ability to receive inner guidance, and/or channel for others. These practices create inner peace, clarity of mind and purpose, joy that is not dependent on your outer life, and the experience of well being that comes from being on the right track.


"Stephanie is a master coach. Her greatest gift is the rare ability to blend compassionate practicality with spiritual wisdom. Each session with Stephanie brings me greater peace and clarity about my life and my soul's purpose. She is, quite simply, wonderful!"
~ D. F., Corporate Trainer & Author, NC
"I have profoundly benefited from having Stephanie as a mentor and coach for the past year. She is consistently available to me to share her wisdom and support. I have experienced an increased awareness in my life that is helping me advance professionally and personally so that I can attain my goals. Stephanie has taught me techniques that free me to connect with my spiritual self and resolve old issues so that I blossom and open to all that is available for me. Stephanie is a recipe for success. I've seen that she is committed to help anyone she is involved with to benefit spiritually and financially."
~ K. A. L., Intuitive Consultant, OR
"Stephanie’s channeled coaching has been instrumental in helping me successfully navigate a very challenging change in my career and find a new job that is an amazingly good fit for my situation at this time. The combination of her channeling plus the B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) healing sessions has been almost miraculous in helping me get clarity, clear blocks, discern what was true or real for me at a given time, have the courage to keep moving productively, and manifest what I wanted. I wouldn’t be where I am without her incredibly skillful, masterful coaching.”
~ E. C., Sales Rep & Life Coach, Ashland, OR
"I just wanted to let you know that your work is an amazing blessing in my life. You have really supported me to get on my feet again and to get the grace-filled, magical life back that I once had. I am on my way back to the beautiful heights that I was at before moving."
~ P. C., Angel Channel & Life Coach, OR

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