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Learn to Channel Workshop

Everyone has the ability to channel – all it takes is the right training and practice. During this workshop you will learn how to receive your Inner Guidance, and, for those who are interested, channel Angels and Ascended Masters to others. If you are already channeling, this workshop will take you to your next level of expertise~ Come enjoy a loving day of high energy, healing and fun!
During this workshop you will:
  • Learn to receive a source of information beyond the conditioned mind and emotions - a higher perspective
  • Through inner guidance understand all your options around a particular decision that you must make
  • Gain insight into your personal growth path, why you are having certain experiences, and what you can do to transform your experience
  • Learn to receive inner guidance about right action, which in turn can speed up your personal growth progress
  • Learn to receive Divine healing energy for your own personal healing and for others
  • Learn to be of service to others by giving messages and guidance
  • Learn to radiate energy that helps create peace in you, your home and the world
Date: TBD
Ashland, Oregon
10am - 5pm

Exchange: $300
Refresher: $100

To register contact Stephanie


"Stephanie's work has given me the confidence I need to express myself. In my experience it is rare to find someone who is so encouraging, dedicated to the empowerment of others, humble, and not attached to outcomes. She is open and honest about the deep personal work she does herself, which is encouraging to all of us who work with her."
                                                                                                                 ~ B. S., Animal Communicator, OR
"I'm grateful for you and all you do for each of us. Since taking the channeling class in Sandpoint, ID my life has been amazing in such wonderful ways. I'm now open to receiving messages from the Ascended Masters for myself and others, as well as now I have writings to share. Thank you for giving me the knowledge, tools and confirmation."
                                                                                                               ~ D.R.R., Channel & Spiritual Teacher, ID
“I came away from this workshop feeling physically and emotionally assisted into a higher level of well-being, and more confident about the decisions I was currently making concerning my life’s path. Stephanie is insightful, intuitive, and a first-class workshop facilitator.”
~ O. O., Massage Therapist, Mt. Shasta, CA
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