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B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Sychronization Technique)

Treat yourself to emotional healing without processing!


B.E.S.T. is a powerful method for clearing limiting belief patterns and emotional issues, without processing. It is fun, non-invasive, and very gentle. It will help you:
  • Heal emotional patterns, limiting beliefs and past traumas.
  • Heal physical injuries or illnesses through energetic clearing.
  • Manifest your goals, create money and relationships, find a job, etc.
BEST is a truly life changing technology that will give you power over your life, your health, your future and the outcomes you desire.


BEST allows you to locate and overcome unconscious blocks that keep you from moving forward in life. It is a unique approach to physical, mental and emotional wellness. It combines elements of Muscle Testing, Polarity work and Neuroscience.


One of the best things about B.E.S.T. is that you don’t have to know what needs to be cleared. Your soul will identify and release the stress that prevents you from being the source of your own power.


The B.E.S.T. healing system was created by Morter Health Systems, Inc.



"I just wanted to call you and thank you for the BEST session yesterday. I can tell a really big shift. I am more centered, and I have an awareness in the center of my head which is balance. I think you're very skilled at it, and I will take all the sessions you'll give me because I think you're clearing a really big piece for me. I can tell that some polarity in me got neutralized, and my anxiety over having the right career got released. And then yesterday, after having my session with you, when I got home I found out that I'm going to get $7,000 before Christmas and also a $460 check came in the mail yesterday. The universe is blessing me right now! I just want to thank you again. That's really powerful work that you're doing."
~ R. B., Cranial-Sacral Practitioner, OR
"I have been doing BEST sessions regularly with Stephanie for about a year, and I am amazed and grateful for the tremendous personal growth that has taken place. I can't even remember what I originally worked on, because it is completely healed and so it no longer shows up in my life! I realize now that when I first started this work I was working on more surface issues. Over time I have gotten to know Stephanie, and I have enough safety and trust in my work with her, that I can work on the real core issues. I also experience that I had to take some time to move through my own self judgment, embarrassment, or shame around these core issues in order to be able to work through them. Now, instead of dreading the discovery of some issue or weakness in myself, I'm excited, because I know I can work on it successfully in my BEST sessions.
I have so much more self love, freedom and happiness in my life as a result of this year of BEST work. I'm so grateful to have this tool and to be working with Stephanie on an ongoing basis."
~ S. A., Massage Therapist, OR
"I feel really great! You just did me a huge favor. This is the 'BEST'! Thank you!"
~ J. M., Massage Therapist, OR

I'm very grateful for the B.E.S.T. sessions I've done with Stephanie. They required very little from me in terms of effort and processing, yet my family and friends have observed notable changes in me. I notice a difference in the quality of relationships I'm attracting and enjoy more about my life. I'm finding that opportunities are flowing to me naturally and I don't have to work as hard to make things happen. I'm having fun again! What a blessing! Thank you!!

                                                                                                                                                ~L. R., Ashland, OR



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