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Blessings of the Seven Rays!

Come enjoy a loving day of high energy, clearing, and Divine Grace! Based on the work of Alice Baily, during this half-day workshop we will connect with the Divine Keepers of each of the Seven Rays of Creation and receive energy, healing and downloads. This work will align everything in our lives for the coming year and also accelerate our awakening and personal growth. Each soul evolves along a particular Ray of Creation in order to learn specific lessons and also as our natural Divine Self Expression. Discover which Ray you are aligned with and the soul track you have chosen for this lifetime. This day will be very powerful and purifying for all who attend. 

       Saturday, January 21
10am – 1pm
Peace House,
583 S. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR
Exchange: $75
Remote Attendance: $33
To register or for more information contact Stephanie~
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