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Channeling Mentorship Program

It is my great joy to support people in developing clear inner guidance. In addition to teaching a beginning Learn to Channel workshop twice a year, and Advanced Channeling workshops, we have a channeling circle that meets twice a month on Saturday evening, from 7 - 9pm. This is an ongoing mentorship program designed to support you in deepening and refining your channeling skills. This group is open to people who have taken the Learn to Channel workshop or attended an Ireland workshop with Derek O'Neill. During these gatherings we receive advanced teachings about channeling from the Masters. These teachings support us in taking our channeling skills to the next level. We also spend most of the evening in a circle, channeling for ourselves and others in the room, in a loving, fun, relaxed and supportive environment. In addition, each person present receives personal feedback and support in developing clarity and confidence in receiving Guidance.
You are welcome to come regularly or on a drop-in basis, according to what works for your schedule. However, you do need to register in order to participate in this program. Please contact Stephanie to register~


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