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Creative Self-Expression!

Ignite the fire of your Divine creative self-expression! Successful manifestation comes from inspired creativity. Associated with the throat chakra, true self-expression starts with a strong connection with Spirit. During this half day workshop we will receive teachings and energy to support us in our spontaneous, inspired expression and manifestation. We will also receive advanced spiritual practices to access the levels of consciousness where spontaneous manifestation takes place. This will be a very high energy day filled with meditation, channeling, and energy initiations! This will be a highly interactive day as each person present will have individual support available to become aware of and clear issues around successful manifestation. This day will be very powerful and purifying for all who attend.

       Saturday, March 18
10 am – 1 pm
Peace House, 543 S. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR
Exchange: $75
Remote Attendance: $33
To register or for more information contact Stephanie~
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