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Spring Manifestation!

It's time to manifest our New Year's intentions!  Spring is the time of awakening in Nature, and it's also a time of expansion of consciousness. This year the Spring Equinox supports us in successful manifestation of our projects, visions, dreams and soul mission. In this workshop we will focus on connecting with our soul mission, receiving support energetically from Spirit to accomplish it, and clearing any blocks we may have to financial success. We will learn specific tools and techniques to support successful manifestation of our soul work in alignment with Divine Will and utilizing Divine Grace.


During this workshop we will be doing many different spiritual practices and also receiving Divine downloads in order to utilize the energies of the Spring Equinox to support our awakening of consciousness and our way of being of service in the world. This day will be very powerful and purifying for all who attend.

       Saturday, March 17
10 am – 1 pm
Peace House, 543 S. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR
Exchange: $75
Remote Attendance: $33
To register or for more information contact Stephanie~
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