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New Year's Alignment

Life is moving forward at a very accelerated pace. Our planet is actively in her ascension process. It’s like a bobsled barreling down the mountain: slight adjustments in our trajectory will support us in a peaceful and smooth life while we are growing so quickly, and keep us protected. During this workshop the Masters will clear the way for us to have a more loving, gentle and successful experience of our personal growth while we continue to move forward more and more quickly. We will receive healing, Love, and energetic downloads to support us in creating a well of deep inner peace and protection. As with all our workshops the less you do the more you receive! Come enjoy a loving day of high energy, healing and fun!


Saturday, January 13
10am - 1pm
Peace House
543 S. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR
Exchange: $75
Remote exchange: $33
To register contact Stephanie


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