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Freedom From Suffering/

Planetary Healing

The Spiritual Path teaches us that the key to freedom from suffering is letting go of judgment and attachment. When we can experience our challenges without judgment as to whether they are good or bad or should be different, and without attachment as to the outcome, yet still be passionate, dynamic and fully engaged in life, then we create an experience of deep inner peace. During this workshop the masters will clear the way for us to spontaneously experience less judgment and attachment in our lives. We will receive healing, Love, and energetic downloads to support us in creating a well of deep inner peace.
In addition, the Masters have asked us to step up as planetary "light-bearers", and during this workshop we will receive energetic downloads to support us in doing just that. We will also do some very powerful planetary healing. As with all our workshops, the less you do the more you receive. Come join us for a loving day of high energy, healing and fun!
Saturday, September 8
10am - 1pm
Peace House
543 S. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR
Exchange: $75
Remote exchange: $33
To register contact Stephanie


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