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Healing Family Issues Workshop


All of us have family issues. These issues are the reflection of our karmic patterns and areas of personal growth. Healing family issues is not about changing someone else, but about healing our internal patterns. When we clear a pattern there is a spontaneous and miraculous shift in the behavior of our family of origin, loving partners, and children.
Our Grace-filled approach to healing family issues is to take full responsibility for our experiences, forgive, and then clear whatever it is in us that created these experiences.
Come enjoy a loving day of high energy, clearing, and Divine Grace! During this day we will do energetic practices to heal karmic patterns that have caused family issues to occur. Each person present will have the opportunity to receive personal channeling to support them in their healing.
We will also focus on attracting our perfect life partners and soul mates.
Give yourself the gift of emotional healing without processing. This day will be very powerful and purifying for all who attend.
Date: TBD
at the Peace House
Exchange: $150
Remote exchange: $33
To register contact Stephanie
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