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Message from July 6, 2015


Here are some more teachings from Derek's Ireland workshop: Doing + Being = Creativity; Ego + God = Manifestation. Manifestation takes preparation and incubation. The preparation part is our doing, the incubation is our Being. The goal you put out is always going to be a desire, it can be a higher desire, or a lower desire. This comes from the ego. The nature of the ego is action; a plant has no ego. It just is. To be healthy wealthy and wise you have to know your nature. Otherwise you will be chasing after something and when you get it you’ll realize it wasn’t right for you after all. Once you know your nature, then you can just “be” it.


As you play some music let yourself receive energy to let go of any judgments you may have about your ego. Make friends with your ego! Also, allow yourself to tune into your higher desires vs your lower desires.
As the music is playing let yourself receive energy to clear anything in the way of you knowing your true nature. This is about having clarity. Are you a Type A or Type B? Do you need to be around people or alone? Do need security, independence or both?
It was a full moon was last week. Here’s the astrology report… we are still in the energy of the full moon.
“There is sensitivity to this Full Moon in Capricorn and it may involve financial matters or professional needs in opposition or conflict with personal or family needs and emotional security. The Sun in the sign of Cancer, which suggests the need for emotional bonding and the Moon in Capricorn suggests the need for attending to responsibilities and the professional world. You need to strike a balance between the two opposites so that there is greater harmony and flow…
The planetary alignment suggests inner tension brings awareness around perceptions and thinking which is stuck in duality (right/wrong) as well as how communication may be creating gaps rather than being unifying and healing. Perceptions or words can divide and conquer or bring a greater harmony and union. The key potential here is to transform the perception into a more unified higher perspective and communicate this to self or others in an inspiring compassionate way.” 
Copyright 2015 ~DIPALI DESAI  All Rights Reserved


As you play some music The Masters and Angels will bring in the energy of balance between financial and professional needs and personal and family needs. This will bring you greater flow and harmony.


Allow yourself to receive support for clear communication, using “I statements” and coming from the heart. This energy work will support you in communicating in such a way as it is uplifting and inspiring.


As you play some music release any doubts you may have about your life, and yourself, in any area of life. If you aren't aware of your doubts, ask that they be cleared at an energetic level.


Message from June 29, 2015


This mantra was given by Derek during the Ireland workshop: “Narasimha Ta Va Da So Hum” – It dissolves negativity, and can be used to clear the way for your manifestation.


Tonight we'll focus on freedom, as we approach Independence Day. As the music plays allow yourself to get in touch with something in your physical or inner life you would like to declare independence from. This is about letting go of something, separating from something, etc. As you get in touch with each thing, just be aware of it, offer it to spirit. Let the Grace do all the work for you.


Next is about receiving some help in any aspect of your life where you would like to experience more freedom. It can be something physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, etc. Choose one or two areas that are the most significant for you. As the music is playing, just relax and allow the Masters to clear your issues, and blocks to having more freedom in this area of your life.


As the music plays allow yourself to give others their freedom. Think about everything and everyone that you have judgments about, and release those things and those people to their perfect path, giving them the freedom to make their mistakes, even if you don’t agree with them. This doesn’t condone their actions, it just releases you from attachment.


At the same time we are giving others their freedom, it is our responsibility as Light Workers to hold space for more positivity and love on the planet. It's important that we not let ourselves fall into victim consciousness and feel "at the effect" of global warming, GMO's, the world financial structure, etc. We came here specifically to be alive during this time so that we could radiate our light and help with all of what is happening on the planet. As you play some music allow yourself to receive energy to support you in taking responsibility rather than being a victim.


As the music is playing, release any doubts you may have about your life, and yourself, in any area of life. If you aren't aware of your doubts, ask that they be cleared at an energetic level.


We have all become a bit too serious~ be sure to play more and integrate play into your work and daily life.


Message from June 22, 2015


We have all just returned from Derek's workshop in Ireland. During the workshop Derek used terms from quantum physics to describe consciousness. He defined the ego/mind as "local" consciousness and Higher Self/God as "non-local" consciousness. The ego is limited in its manifestation; it processes the old, so if you use your mind or force of will to manifest your desires your manifestation with include your patterns and habits and be an expression of attachment. You may get what you want but it will include some suffering, as your patterns will be involved.


We have to find a way to get to “Being”. This is done through spiritual practices. When we offer things up, when we invite God in, when we allow our Higher Self to bring things to us without attachment, what is manifested is actually better for us; it will liberate us instead of bring more suffering. God = non-local consciousness, and this processes the new, has unlimited possibilities, and is all creative.


There are different realities at different levels of consciousness. When someone is locked into local consciousness, they essentially have no free will, as they are locked into a karmic path in order to keep them moving forward in their growth. When a person moves into non-local consciousness then they have unlimited potential, it’s the “field of all possibilities” and then they have free will to manifest anything at that level.


Doing + Being = Creativity; Ego + God = Manifestation. There has to be some ego involvement in order for something to manifest in the 3-D world. It's a combination or co-creation of mind, common sense, action, and Spirit.


Yesterday was Father’s Day, as well as the Solstice. For Father’s Day we’re going to spend a bit of time connecting with the Divine Father energy. As you relax and listen to some music allow your Higher Self to connect you with the Divine Father energies.


Now imagine your physical father and send blessings to him.


The summer solstice is the time of the longest period of light. Twice a year, at the winter and summer solstice the Karmic Board meets to give Grace to the planet. The Karmic Board is made up of Ascended Masters, God Beings, and Angels. Their purpose is to measure the karmic energy in individuals and groups ~ all kinds of groups ~ to see how much Grace they can give to help us along in our journey. There is planetary karma, country karma, each religious group, each race, each city, family karma, personal karma, and on and on. Any group you can think of, that will be measured. The Karmic board meets for a 21 day period, and June 21 is the middle of that period, so they start around June 10-11. So during this time especially, if you ask for help in any way, for yourself or others or any group, your prayers will be more effective and there will be more help. This is a great time to pray for an end to war, famine, disease, etc, and for anything that you need personally.  As you play some music allow yourself to receive blessings from the Karmic Board.


What can you do to have more fun in your life? The Masters say we have all become a bit too serious. Spend some time laughing, playing, and generally lightening up everything you are involved in!


Message from April 20, 2015


We are in the new moon energy, which was on April 18, and the Masters have given some teachings around manifestation. Here are the elements of manifestation they would like to work on tonight:


  • Surrender and sincerity

  • Non-attachment

  • Staying in motion no matter what

  • Staying open to all possibilities, and doing manifestation inner work: prayer, clearing throat chakra, OM to receive technique (if you know it), etc.

  • Staying focused and strong, and moving forward despite fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, and doubt. Never giving up.

  • Staying in gratitude and keeping a positive attitude.


Tonight we are going to focus on developing these aspects in ourselves to support our manifestation skills.


We’ll start with some clearing of the throat chakra, working with Archangel Michael, on the blue ray. The throat is the cornucopia of manifestation. As you play some music allow your Angels and Michael to clear the blocks for your throat chakra to be open.


Next is clarity. What is it that you want to manifest in your life? Spend some time looking really deeply at the details of what you want to manifest. The more clear you are, the easier it will be.


Next is sincerity. Are you really totally committed to do whatever it takes to manifest your focus? Allow yourself to explore your commitment and sincerity. As you play some music let yourself receive energetic help to strengthen your commitment and sincerity. Sometimes there are emotional blocks that need to be cleared…


Non-attachment means holding the energy of “this or something better.” As you play some music allow the Masters to bring in the energy of non-attachment for you around your desired manifestations.


Staying in motion means every day thinking to yourself, “What more can I do to move this forward? What action steps can I take today?” And then doing them, not just thinking about them. As you play some music allow yourself to receive energetic support to stay in motion around your desired manifestations.


The next lesson is staying focused and not giving up when you feel fear or are discouraged. This is a hard one, and so you need to create support systems for this. You may want a mentor or coach, or a healer to help you clear blocks when you get doubtful, etc.


As you play some music allow the Masters and Angels to line up all your next steps, and to clear the way for whatever your manifestation choices are. And then be sure to offer everything up, so you let go of attachment.


Message from April 13, 2015


Our message from the Masters tonight comes from Swamiji. We all remember in 2012 spending quite a bit of time focused on our spiritual practices in order to make sure we didn’t have major earth changes, and we were successful. Many people have received very clear guidance that we are past the most crucial time, and that even though it might be a bit rough here and there, our planet will make its ascension. Recently Swamiji gave a speech, during which he said that we are not done yet with our intensive focus to save the planet from earth changes. We have been able to postpone it, but he says: “Big danger is coming. I do not want to explain. I focus only on the positive. I keep saying peace peace peace. I do not want to dwell on the negative side. I do not want to think of depressing things. 24 hours I am praying to God to save us, to give us happiness, to please forgive our sins, our mistakes made due to this ego that comes out of ignorance. You should be concerned about your planet earth…”


He has asked his followers to start doing intensive chanting to smooth out what he sees as “big danger.” Apparently now it’s really time to take more responsibility. All of us came here specifically to help during this time, to smooth the turbulent ride through to ascension. Whatever your personal focus may be for your life, your soul mission is to hold space for the planet. We do this by doing our spiritual practices, going to workshops, and generally intensifying our personal purification process. As we work on ourselves we are helping the planet. So I would strongly urge you to again ramp things up as far as your personal practices and spiritual focus are concerned. This message is not about creating fear, we all know what’s going on with the food chain, with GMOs, with the monetary system, there’s nothing new here. This is only a call to action for all the spiritual warriors.


Related to this message, over the weekend I saw the latest version of Cinderella at the theater. It was pretty well done, and I enjoyed the movie. More importantly, as I was watching the movie the Masters gave me some beautiful teachings to pass along. They say that often fairy tales can be metaphors for the spiritual awakening process. As I was watching the movie, the Masters were narrating the aspects of the movie that they felt reflected the aspects of the spiritual path. So here’s their metaphor: Cinderella is the embodiment of purity and innocence, our soul at its inception. All is unconditional love and goodness in her childhood, but as time goes on the negativity of the world influences her life and she is disempowered by her evil step-mother. Instead of being the mistress of her own home, she is relegated to live in the attic and be a slave to her step-mother and step-sisters. This is what happens to us as we are on our spiritual path. We start out in the light, and as we enter the karmic wheel of earth we come under the influence of the density of the 3D world, which clouds or diminishes our consciousness. We forget who we are, and think that we are simply people. Life then involves struggle and suffering.


Cinderella had a spiritual practice. In the movie her mother told her to have courage and be kind. And she kept this focus through all of her tribulations with her step-mother. This was her “mantra” that she held onto as a life line. Her kindness created merit for her, and when her karmic destiny came, her fairy god-mother showed up and magically lifted her out of her compromised lifestyle to meet her destiny. In this most recent version of the story the fairy god-mother first shows up as an old woman asking for a bowl of milk. Cinderella immediately gives it to her, an act of kindness. Then suddenly her god-mother shows up in her full glory and raises her up to go to the ball to be with the prince.


This is like the Grace energy that moves us through our karmic challenges in life. Sometimes this Grace comes through a physical person, such as a spiritual teacher, or simply energetically. It could show up as miracle healings, or other powerful spiritual experiences that give us faith and strength, or invisible support for us to keep moving forward in our awakening process, etc. We cannot make it through the density of the 3D experience without Grace.


As a result of Grace, Cinderella connects with the prince, eventually her evil step-mother is vanquished and Cinderella becomes royalty, as is appropriate to her karma. This is the analogy of the Grace clearing out the negativity and raising our consciousness to again merge with our Higher Self and regain our Divine heritage.


Using this analogy, our planet is in the stage still where the evil step-mother is doing her control thing. And the way through this is by having our spiritual life line, our “mantra” that we cling to and use to stay focused on positivity and love. I really enjoyed getting these teachings while I was watching the movie!


As we are faced with challenges, especially world challenges, it is very important for us to be able to stay peaceful and non-reactive, or to at least be able to come back to center quickly. So it's important now to find that center and to create it to be a strong anchor for yourself.


So tonight we'll be focusing on some practices that you can use to stay peaceful, and as something to cling to when the going gets rough. Also we’ll be getting in touch with our greater soul mission; our service to humanity, the planet and the cosmos.



Our planetary work is all about service. Allow yourself to remember times when you have given love, compassion, money, physical service, etc. and how that felt for you. Did you feel joy and happiness? Did you experience an expansion of consciousness, or devotion? Or did you feel a sense of overextension, or that you were giving something when you really didn't want to? Did you feel grateful for the opportunity to give or resentful about having to give? Just allow yourself to remember and notice, without judgment.


Now as you play some music allow yourself to open to the energy of giving. Think about "How can I be of service to myself and those around me?" As we are in service to the planet, our personal needs get met along the way. This takes us out of survival.


We are working with the throat chakra tonight, which is on the First Ray: Will or Power. Purpose, positivity and leadership are the outstanding qualities of this First Ray. El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray, the blue ray of power, goodwill and faith. He also exemplifies the blue-ray qualities of leadership, proper use of power and speech, and ultimate surrender to the divine will. He can assist all students who desire to embody these virtues, master the throat chakra and receive the Holy Spirit’s gifts of the word of wisdom and faith in the divine will. El Morya is well known as the Master M who worked with the Master Kithumi in the late nineteenth century to establish the Theosophical Society and to spread the knowledge of higher truths to a wider circle among mankind. Some of El Morya’s most important teachings concern the will of God, the Divine will that lies within each of us. He explains that by aligning with and embracing this Will, one gradually becomes reunited with their own Higher Self. Following the Divine Will also leads to outpicturing the inner blueprint of the soul and to fulfilling one’s unique mission in life. El Morya and the blue-ray masters always teach that if the student’s will is one with the will of God, they will succeed.


Archangel Michael also works on the blue ray. With His blue flaming sword, Archangel Michael can give you strength, power and protection. In this task He is aided by a legion of Angels of the blue flame sword. Archangel Michael will make you braver and more resolute, so that you can resolve your problems more easily. He will strengthen the will of God in you, as well as the power of faith. Both of these qualities will feed your inner strength, and your motivation is going to become noble and selfless. The female side of Archangel Michael's Divine nature is the Angel Faith.


As you play some music allow yourself to receive the teachings of this ray, which are surrender to Divine Will (your Higher Self), discipline, and faith. Allow yourself to relax and receive Archangel Michael, Faith, and El Morya's Grace as they clear the way for you to be aligned with your Higher Self Divine Will. Get in touch with your sincerity to grow, to be able to make a contribution to planetary healing. You can say your prayers for taking a next step in your ability to hold space for the planet.


As you relax and receive energy and healing from the Masters of the first ray, allow yourself to open to new ideas about your soul mission, especially as it relates to planetary ascension, and the world as a whole. We are focusing now on our personal soul mission, our group soul mission, and our service to the world.


Now we ask the Masters of the first ray to clear the way for our genuine planetary soul mission to be successful.


Message from April 6, 2015


Last Saturday we had a full moon lunar eclipse. Here’s the astrology report from Sara Varcas from her website Astro Awakenings:

"The pull of the past can be strong at a lunar eclipse and this one is certainly no exception. We may find our best intentions going up in smoke as we embrace old habits with unrestrained abandon, along with all manner of apparently sound justifications for doing so! But beware that inner voice which encourages a return to old ways now. It is a saboteur, to be handled with great caution. The impatience and restlessness of this time is not an excuse to take the easy way out. Instead it presents sound reason to stand firm and decide that this time we respond differently, forging a new and creative path ahead. Part of the problem is a prevailing sense of not quite knowing what’s going on or where we’re headed, coupled with a paradoxical urge to get there as soon as possible!! This is not a combination conducive to clarity! We have a parrot on both shoulders, one urging ‘get on with it!’ the other screaming ‘stop and wait!’.
We may find ourselves having no clue what to do next because we don’t yet know in what direction to head, but the imperative to do something causes us to resurrect old goals and aspirations instead of waiting patiently for new ones to form.
But patience is paramount, no matter what that voice says. Something is forming, slowly but surely, and we need to wait and see what it is before we commit to the path ahead. Jupiter offers supportive advice: simply listen. That is all. Sit quietly and listen. As we do, it will become abundantly clear what we’re listening to: our inner wisdom, the Real Self rising up in our hearts, whispering its truths and changing our perspective as it looks through our eyes. This inner knowing, the sacred presence always alive in the silence of our hearts, has much to say at this time. It may come in words or thoughts, feelings, sensations, imagery. In the darkness of the eclipsed Moon we can receive all that we need to make the best choices and offer ourselves to the most conscious path ahead. Deep wisdom is available now, in the silence of our hearts. We must embrace this place of confusion for the deeper wisdom of this new cycle to arise. Only in doing so can we truly discern the path ahead.
This lunar eclipse ushers in a five month period during which we will come face to face with deep truth in visceral and immediate ways. We may not know where we’re headed, but we will most certainly know how to get there if we simply wait patiently, listen carefully and act upon guidance received in the quiet of our still but awakening heart."
© Copyright 2015 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved


Right now a great deal of energy is coming onto the planet, and with it quite a bit of change. If we are to keep moving forward and not go with old ways of responding to life challenges, we need to heal fear. This is the main block to awakening, and to allowing the fundamental changes that need to happen associated with our awakening. We have to let go of the old in order to be open to the new.


"One of the challenges of moving through fear is identification. After awhile, you identify with the problem for so long that you don't know who you are without it. So, now instead of trying to navigate through, try to imagine who you would be without the problem and be that. Allow a loving world that is beyond this fear to fill your mind and heart. Imagine being free and then be it. This is the bridge home."  

- Derek O'Neill 


Our unconscious reactions often cause us to go into fear. Most of the time when we experience anger, there is fear behind it. Instead of experiencing the fear, we get angry. When we heal the anger, then the fear shows up for us to integrate. Tonight is about supporting ourselves in recognizing our fears and moving through them into love.


The core of our being is not affected by the shifting winds of circumstance or subject to the cycles of change that govern physical reality. It is as steady and consistent as the sun. Like the sun, there are times when our core seems to be inaccessible to us, but this is just a misperception. We know that when the sun goes behind a cloud or sets for the night, it has not disappeared but is simply temporarily out of sight. In the same way, we can trust that our inner core is always shining brightly, even when we cannot quite see it. We can cling to this core when things around us are falling apart, knowing that an inexhaustible light shines from within ourselves.


As you play some music allow yourself to tune into an area of your daily life where you carry fear. As you feel this fear, offer it to the vortex or to the Masters. Or simply feel it and breathe, as the Masters and Angels bring love into it for you.


Now imagine a situation in your life that you would like to be different, but carry fear about that. Imagine the new way you would like your life to be. Don't think about how you're going to get there, just see it as you would like it to be. As Derek just said, "Imagine being free and just be it."


Relax and receive Divine unconditional love now to support you in healing fear. This is a healing for your inner child. We will be working with the Divine Mother energies. You can imagine yourself sitting on the lap of the Divine Mother. Don't forget, this work will continue on after tonight; what we work on tonight will continue to heal or clear over a period of time.


Full moon energy is about receiving Grace. Now that we have created some space with our clearing work, let’s fill it with positive energy. As you play some music allow yourself to receive support to bring in more clarity and inner wisdom from your Higher Self. You might ask for clarity and wisdom around specific aspects of your life.


As you play some music receive and energetic download to give you strength to move forward into the new instead of recreate old responses. This download is for more steadfastness and patience as well.


We have a Christed ET space ship available to support us in this work. As you play some music imagine Archangel Michael and your Guarian Angels. They are going to escort you on the inner planes to the space ship. Once on board the ship you will be shown to your own private "viewing room" where there is a big screen TV. Your future will be shown to you on this etheric TV. This is a transmission of "understanding". When we have understanding then fear leaves us. It's a bit like reading the end of the book to see how everything turns out. Once you know that, then you can enjoy the journey more. During your viewing session you may be shown your future as it relates to your physical well being, emotional well being, or spiritual well being. It may or may not show you specifc events about your life. 


Message from March 30, 2015


This is a very powerful time right now, as this week we have Passover and Easter coming up. Passover is about moving from slavery to freedom within yourself. Easter is about the resurrection of our Christ consciousness. So we will be doing lots of meditating tonight with these two focuses. 


What is keeping you enslaved, or boxed in? Do you have a habit or addiction you are working with? A lifestyle that doesn’t support you? Restricted thinking that holds you back? As you play some music allow yourself to offer these things up to Spirit, and receive some energy to help with clearing and healing them.


Our concepts of ourselves keep us boxed in. When we let go of our concepts we have more freedom. During this music allow yourself to get in touch with your self-concepts that keep you boxed in. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as sick instead of healthy? Broken instead of whole? Needing fixing or processing in order to be good enough? Whatever those concepts are of yourself, become aware of them now. As you do, just offer them to Spirit. Allow the Grace to heal and reframe these concepts.


You do not need fixing, processing, healing. There is nothing in you that needs to change; you are perfect as you are right now. You are the perfect reflection of God Presence as you are right now. Let go of these concepts now and allow yourself to accept that you do not need to change anything about yourself in order to experience love/God/oneness. As you play some music allow yourself to come into self-acceptance and see the Divine perfection in everything.


Forgiveness is a very powerful tool for creating freedom. If we hold onto the past we are bound by it. As the music plays allow yourself to forgive anything you are holding onto from the past, that holds you back. Allow yourself to come into the Here and Now.


As the music plays let yourself receive Grace for solutions, insights, healing, or resolution for anything in your life where you are not feeling free.


Our next focus is about the resurrection of Christ consciousness in ourselves and the planet. People have different definitions of Christ consciousness; some say it's about being "Love" or compassionate and loving all the time. Some say it's a higher state of consciousness that takes years of meditation to attain. Some say that it's an experience of "oneness" where you are awake to your connection with your Higher Self or Presence and able to bring through that energy for yourself and others. Whatever your definition, tonight we will focus on strengthening our connection with our Higher Selves and radiating that energy out. This is something we have done many times in class, and also in our channeling workshops. Imagine a golden orb above your head. As you relax and follow your breathing, allow yourself to receive energy and love from this orb through the top of your head, filling you body. This orb is the representation of your Higher Self.


Now that you have been filled with the energy of your Higher Self, send this energy into every aspect of your life.


Message from March 23, 2015


Astrology report from Nicholas West: “Solar Eclipse in Pisces occurring March 20th. This is truly the new beginning that we all came here for! Can you feel it?! This New Moon event is rare and significant as it occurs just hours before the Spring Equinox. This really bestows this whole Spring season with the energy of the eclipse. An eclipse is a reboot of consciousness and allows us to get to places that we could never have gotten to otherwise. A great analogy is the sideways elevator. We expect it to go up and when it starts to move sideways, we could easily go into fear. The whole thing is to let go and allow. This New Moon occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces, a master degree. In Cosmic Astrology, Pisces is the sign of Mastery, where we overcome our self-imposed limitations to realize our infinite nature - as represented by the ocean of consciousness.
What seeds do you want to plant for your life, i.e. what are you truly here for, what are you here to express? Start now! This event is attended by Chiron, the Master Healer Teacher, helping us to overcome the fragmentation and come to the wholeness of who we are. Also in attendance is the Moon's South Node representing our karma and our DNA lineage - we need to clear away and integrate all of the old lower energies in order to truly step into the new- just allow them to come up and be released without getting too involved. We are birthing this higher consciousness into the physical -- the clearing and transmutation of lower vibrations is a necessary part of the journey.
This is the start of a 4 week wormhole journey. A wormhole allows us to get to places we could never have gotten to otherwise. Envision (without too much definition) let go and allow…. Wheeeee!!!!!”


Let’s start by planting the seeds of what we came here to do, as a soul. As I get older I realize that I may have about 25 years left to do whatever it is that I came here to do this lifetime. And so as I sit with my priorities, I acknowledge that my first priority has been to work on myself and get as far along in my personal growth as I can in one lifetime. My second priority is to help others along the way, which for me means teaching, healing and sending energy to the planet. What are your priorities? What would you like to put on your soul level “bucket list”? What are you truly here for, what do you want to express? This wormhole allows us to accelerate our manifestation of these priorities.


One of the most powerful manifestation techniques is gratitude. Gratitude opens the heart to receiving. When we have a challenge, instead of feeling upset about it we can see that we have attracted our lessons, and be grateful. That immediately puts us on a positive forward track to move through the challenge and makes lemonade of a lemon. As you play some music allow yourself to feel gratitude. Find several small or large things in your life to be grateful for. Some simple ones would be a home, food, physical body, being alive, having friends, family, pets, etc.


A very effective manifestation technique is to be grateful for something that we want to receive before we actually have it. Feeling gratitude as if we have already received it gives our subconscious mind the message that we already have that which we want to manifest. Therefore our mind goes and manifests it! Allow yourself to feel grateful for something you want to manifest in your life, as if you already have it.


Another manifestation technique is letting go of our attachments to having the thing we want. When we truly let go of it, and come to a place of peace, then we open to receiving it. As long as we have a strong need or strong desire, that energy can actually block us from having the very thing we want. So when we play the music this time, allow yourself to let go of any desires you have around what you want to manifest. The easiest way to do this is to simply imagine how you would get along if you didn't get what you want. How could you make do any way? If it's money or a job, how could you get along without it? Another way to let go of attachments is to offer your desires to Spirit. You can imagine tying them to a balloon and letting them go, rising up into the higher dimensions. Or writing them down and burning them; that's a great way to offer them up.


Forgiveness is another very powerful manifestation technique. As you play some music allow yourself to feel into areas in your life that could use some forgiveness. You can simply say “I forgive _______” or you can send the energy of forgiveness, or you can imagine the Violet Flame surrounding what needs forgiveness.


Now we’re going to do some more work about balance, which is the energy of the Equinox. There is a huge amount of energy coming in for us all, and the art of personal growth right now asks us to be able to integrate it and stay balanced.


As you listen to some music allow yourself to look at the various significant relationships in your life. As you look at each relationship, allow the Masters and Angels to reframe it so you experience that this interaction is a positive team mate for you, a mirror that supports you in growing. Allow Grace to come in for you so that all the mirrors you experience in your life are loving, gentle, kind, and smooth reflections.


As you play some music allow Grace to support you in making clear decisions and not waffling back and forth forever.


Now let’s apply all of this to our relationship with ourselves. As you play some music take a look at how you react when you have made a mistake or gotten reactivated. Are you critical and judgmental? Are you loving and gentle with yourself? Allow Spirit to reframe your relationship with yourself so you feel that you are a team mate in handling challenges, processing, etc.


And again, focusing on your inner child now, allow Spirit to support you in creating loving, kind, gentle and smooth mirroring from your inner adult and parent.


Message from March 16, 2015


There is a new supermoon on Friday. This is also the Spring Equinox. Here’s the astrology report from Mystic Medusa:


“Yes that’s right. This is not just a New Moon – it is a New Moon and an Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse to be technical about it. It’s also right at the end of the Zodiac, gracing the magical, strange degree of 29 Pisces. So what does this mean? It makes for a super-heated New Moon vibe, all the usual fresh start potential of a New Moon, octupled. One mighty phase ends and another begins. The whole WEEK of this Eclipse is geopolitically intense – if an “emperor” is wearing no clothes, we find out. Think dramatic endings and beginnings. I literally cannot exaggerate how potent this energy is for starting over, falling in love without your old baggage or resentments, a rad makeover and/or ending a Qi draining habit. It only hurts if you’re insisting on remaining stuck in some old, stale pattern of relating or functioning. Slough off cynicism and be open to the new era being born now. It’s also nearly at the end of the Zap Zone – the almighty evolution of basically everything that has been challenging us non-stop since mid-2012.

If you feel like you’ve been all change and heated intellectual development but that your psyche has yet to catch up with the rewired you, this IS your opportunity. It’s particularly intense for Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini – these signs need to definitely take care not to linger in an old love rut. Lift your game, open your heart – something big and awesome is en route. Think also dream messages. This is a good time to listen. In the olden days, it was said that the veils between dimensions thinned out during eclipses. This is a surreal, poetic and romantic Eclipse IF you’re refusing stagnation at any level.”


We are celebrating the Spring Equinox tonight. This is the time when the length of daylight and length of darkness are the same. It is a time of awakening from Winter hibernation. And it's a time of balance.


The changing of the seasons is a good time to do some physical cleansing, or to do some spring cleaning in your home. This supports you in letting go of the old, and will open up your energy for something new to awaken in you.


One of the things we can do to support our awakening is: "Do what you know to be right. Don't do what you know to be wrong." This especially applies to our inner guidance. Whether we recognize it or not, all of us get inner guidance. However, much of the time we don't follow it. It could be a feeling not to do something, or to do something. Or an intuition about something but then we say, "Oh well, I'm going to do it anyway." How many of you have said that?


Our guidance usually starts as a quiet whisper; a feeling or intuition. We don’t listen at first because whatever it is we may have doubt or have some resistance to it. Then the whisper becomes a shout, and we still don’t listen. Then the negative repercussions set in, which is what our Guidance was trying to help us avoid. Maybe we were told to stop eating sugar. We don’t listen and then we find out we have hypoglycemia. We still don’t listen and then we have diabetes. If we had listened, we could have handled things at the very beginning by stopping eating sugar! Now we have to pay the price of taking medication, managing it for the rest of our lives.


Take a moment now to feel your heart’s desire to fully awaken to and express that which you truly are. Feel your sincerity to grow, and desire to let go of old habits. Ask the Masters and Angels now to help you with letting go of old habits, as you play some music. Feel each habit, or pattern, then just offer it to the Divine energies for them to handle for you. These habits have been with you for lifetimes, so it won’t be an overnight transformation, but a gradual and permanent shift into more positivity and self love.


As you play some music the Masters and Angels are going to work on your ability to hear and respond to your inner guidance. Just relax and enjoy the music, be open and receptive to the energy work.


Next we are going to focus on the awakening of consciousness, which is what this supermoon is all about. We have 3 basic states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and deep sleep. The experience of each is completely different from the other, and there is a measurable change in brainwave frequency associated with each state. In addition we now have a 4th state of consciousness that science has recognized, the state of meditation, which also has a significantly different experience and its own associated brainwave frequencies. As we purify our physical and energetic bodies, at a certain point we make another shift into a generically different state of consciousness, which could be called a state of “witnessing”. Associated with that is “detachment” and eventually we experience “Oneness”.

We can have glimpses of each of these states or a combination of them at any time, and sometimes for long periods of time, and then fall out of them as the clean-up process continues. Eventually they become permanent. These are different levels of “waking up” our consciousness.


The Masters have often talked about how important daily spiritual practices are. In fact, we spent one whole class just focusing on that. Every week we do some kind of meditation that could be used as a daily practice if you resonate with it. Doing a practice sets a strong foundation for step by step spiritual awakening. Meditation is for facing our demons, not escaping. It’s not just about healing emotional issues, or having enough money. It’s also about learning certain lessons, like forgiveness, compassion, patience, strength of character, discernment, etc. These are virtues that come when you have more purity. Meditation creates that purity over time. Add in weekly support systems like our Monday gatherings, and workshops, trainings, retreats, etc. and you have a strong formula for ongoing purification and awakened consciousness.


As you play some music focus on all the ways you currently support your ascension process: What are all the good things you do for yourself? Acknowledge the ways that you are taking care of yourself, your family. Acknowledge how you support yourself spiritually, coming to this class, meditating, praying, going to workshops, etc. Acknowledge how you support your physical health by eating well, taking care of your body, playing, exercise, etc. Acknowledge anything else about yourself that you have as a good habit that moves you forward. As you do this, the Masters will be bringing in energy for your increased momentum in your spiritual awakening.


This new moon is a time to take a leap of consciousness~ To awaken to the next level for yourself. Or it's a time of renewal in your life, a time of the birthing of new projects, new ways of doing or being. As the music plays allow yourself to become aware of what is awakening for you in your life, what is birthing for you, or what the possibilities are for something that could be new for you in your life. We will be working with the Divine Mother energies for this process.


Now as the music plays allow the Masters to bring in energy for these projects or inner awakenings to bring them into actual manifestation.


Now we're going to focus on balance, as the Equinox is all about balance. In what ways is your life in balance? Out of balance? As the music plays the Masters will be bringing in more balance for you.


Let's focus on the balance of doing vs. surrender. Our ego thinks it is the doer, and we know that actually Spirit is doing us. The more we surrender, the easier everything is, as we are now allowing ourselves to receive Grace. Most of us are out of balance with too much doing and not enough surrender. Some of us are out of balance with not enough doing. As you play some music allow the Masters to bring you into balance, either more doing or more surrender in your life.


We are going to take a journey. Allow Archangel Michael and your guardian angels to take you through the inner planes and up onto the Ascended Master spaceship. Jesus, Melchezidek, St. Germain, and Mother Mary, among others are on the ship. Allow yourself to receive healing, ask any questions that you may have, and receive support for your spiritual awakening from them. Know that the work is going on even if you don’t experience traveling. Just relax and receive energy.


Message from March 9, 2015


Tonight is about anchoring in the energy we took in during the full moon. We will be focusing on healing 3rd, 2nd, and 1st chakras. As this clearing takes place then the energy will be able to be grounded and our Presence will land.


3rd chakra issues are about power, empowerment, and being in control. They are also about personal will vs Divine Will. Society or our past experiences have taught us that we need to either give our power away in order to get love or get our needs met, or dominate in order to be empowered. As you play some music allow yourself to receive energy to balance these two extremes, and to allow a healing of any control issues that you may have.


2nd chakra issues: One of the main energies that gets stuck in the 2nd chakra is insecurity. Insecurity causes us to look outside ourselves for support, love, money, etc. We want to be good enough, change how we are so we can get our needs met.


As you Play some music allow yourself to feel any insecurities you have. They could be about yourself, about your job or work, about family, about money, about the state of the world, etc. As you do this, allow Spirit to bring in energy to heal these insecurities, or you can offer them up.


Also along with insecurities come the experiences of loss, and grief. With this next song let yourself focus on any experiences of loss that are ready to release tonight. As well, 2nd chakra is about the need to be recognized and accepted/loved for who you are, to be part of the tribe. Again, allow the Grace to heal these. 


1st chakra issues are about survival, well-being, money, and fear. As you play some music allow yourself to receive energy to heal any issues about home, money, and well-being.


Last is healing fear. As you play some music allow your fears to come to the surface and simply allow Grace to bless them and heal them.


Now that we’ve created so much energetic space, do golden orb meditation and radiate light to your body, family, friends, and the world.


We are going to take a journey. Allow Archangel Michael and your Guardian Angels to take you through up onto the Ascended Master spaceship that is currently above the Havurah, helping us out. Jesus, Melchezidek, St. Germain, Mother Mary, and many others are on the ship. Allow yourself to receive healing, ask any questions that you may have, receive support for your spiritual awakening from them. Know that the work is going on even if you don’t experience traveling. Just relax and receive energy.






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