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Healing Products:

Stir Wands

Stir Wands for Better Water Absorption

If you notice, I have only one product listed here as healing products. Water is so incredibly important to all aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being. And whether we like it or not, we are all exposed to so much environmental toxicity that we need to be focused on gentle physical cleansing all the time. The Stir Wands have been scientifically researched and I personally have experienced significant results from using them. As a result of my own personal experience, I decided to become a distributor. Below is the technical information about them, taken directly from the home website, Quantum Age Water Stirwands,

The Problem:

1) We’re 90% water at birth, down to 70% as adults, and dropping. How well hydrated we are affects every bodily process: removal of toxins, electrical energy for brain function, blood oxygen levels, energy-generating cycles, immune system, hormone production, muscle tone, joint flexibility and strength, nutrient absorption, digestion, bone health, nails, skin and more. To achieve even a chance at a healthy life, we need a continuous flow of enough balanced, energized water, or everything gets stagnant. It’s said that 75% of all disease can be traced back to even short term dehydration – from hypertension to strokes to cancer, depression and arthritis.


2) We absorb less than 10% of the water we drink. Even if you drink enough water every day (half your body weight in ounces), studies of nearly 40,000 people, all drinking this standard amount of water, show 94% are still dehydrated.


3) Our bodies are so toxic they can no longer chemically balance water and then absorb enough of it to provide therapeutic levels of hydration and oxygen. Yet water, restored to the natural chemical balance and energy it had years ago before we polluted and depleted it, has the ability to not only keep us alive but healthy and capable of optimal performance.


4) Nobel science in 2003 proved how our cells hydrate – they absorb single water molecules at a time only through aquaporin channels in the cells. We now know and have proven that it’s not the source or cost of water, nor the pH level or clusters that count in hydration and oxygenation – it’s the chemical balance and stability of water when you drink it.

The solution, the one that’s backed by human clinical trials:

It’s a simple fountain-pen sized wonder, called the Stirwand™. Stirred in your water for 20 seconds before you drink it, the Stirwand™ is clinically proven to naturally, without adding anything artificial, quickly restores virtually any clean, potable water to near perfect balance and stability.

How it pays for itself (as if saving your health isn’t enough):

It’s likely to outlast you if you don’t lose it or microwave it. Using it in every ounce of water you drink will save 30% of the water you drink because you’ll be absorbing 30% more, and disposing of less plastic so you’ll help the environment, too. Beyond all it does for your drinking water, the Stirwand™ helps water do a better job in any way you use it. Drop a Stirwand™ in your washing machine and cut your detergent in half. Put one in fish tanks and ponds, pools & spas. Use stirred water for all your cleaning and bathing and for watering of livestock and plants. Just stir for 20 seconds (a glass to a gallon), or just drop it in and leave it. It won’t overcharge water nor affect the life of the wand. It’s so sturdy, you could drive a car over it.

What many experience with “Stirred” water:

* More energy

* Better sleep

* Increased mental acuity

* Increased blood oxygen levels

* Greater nutrient absorption

* Vastly improved immune system

* Relief from headaches, joint pain and more

* Reduced cellular toxins

* Enhanced athletic performance

* Younger looking skin, healthier hair and nails

* Smoother, better tasting water, making drinking it a priority, not a chore or challenge

* Aid in weight-loss without water retention/bloating


In addition to the hydration, oxygenation and detoxification benefits of all the Stirwands™, you’ll enjoy a variety of energy enhancements, from relaxation to enhanced athletic performance, with each of the 8 Stirwand™ types.

Get started today making every ounce of water you drink count.  

Stirwands™ – Lighting up your world with balanced, energized water for a more balanced, energized you.

Purchase Stir Wands Here $30

Stir Wands are manufactured by Quantum Age Water.  For clinical trials data, or more information about Stirwand types, go to

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